Islamic Information

What is Islam

Islam means 'peace' and submission to the will of God. Islam stresses on absolute monotheism. Muslims respect and revere all the prophets. The Holy Quran says that God has sent prophets in all countries and all races. Quran is the word of God revealed to prophet Mohammed and the Quran says that Muhammad is the seal of prophethood, the final prophet. Muslims believe in all prophets starting from Adam, Noah, Ismail, Abraham, Dawood (David), Sulemain (Solomon), Ishaaq (Isaac), Nooh (Noah) and Isa (Jesus). A Muslim is the one who does justice and doesn't drink. Islam has been the fastest spreading religion and the rise of Islam suggests that it is the best social order in all times.

Islam is the confirmation of all the earlier messages sent by God through His prophets in all races and all countries, who came one after another, starting from Adam. Islam is in fact surrendering oneself to God. Man and woman are equal before Allah. No person is lower due to his race, birth or colour of skin. All humans are equal and only the actions and deeds of a person make him high or low, not his looks.

Muslims must observe five duties:
1. Shahadah-- There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.

2. Prayers -- A muslim must offer (Salat) prayers five times a day facing in the direction of Makkah.

3. Almsgiving (Zakat)-- Muslims with sufficient means have to give an annual charitable donation for the rightful beneficiary it is 2  per cent of the total annual income.

4. Fasting (Saum)-- In the month of Ramadan, Muslims keep fasts.

5. Haj-- Making pilgrimage to the Makkah once in a lifetime if the person has discharged all his wordly duties, at least once in a life time (if he can afford and has completed his responsibilities towards his family).